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Your Photographer &
New Best Friend

Growing up, my dad always told me that I have "the eye" for photography. So when I was 16 years old, he gifted me my first camera- a Canon Rebel T6i. Along with my mom's film photography kit from 1985- I had everything I needed to start learning all that I could about photography. I started photography as a weekend hobby to do with my friends. I never would have imagined that I could create a full time business from my hobby. it is still a dream come true!



why i love what i do


The more I got into portrait photography, the more passionate I became for the art. Over the lockdown in 2020, I was inspired more than ever to create art that I was passionate about. I started to dive into my favorite style of portrait photography, editorial fashion photos. It allowed for me to use portrait photography as a creative storytelling outlet. When I was younger, I used to obsess over the incredible photoshoots that were shown in magazine pages. In 2018, I got to photograph multiple runways in the Kansas City Fashion Week Spring Show. It was there that I got to see the magic of fashion first hand. I realized that doing fashion editorial photography was my absolute favorite. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE my other kinds of sessions too. They all have their own special magic about them. But my creative outlet lies in my editorial work! 

When people say that photography captures moments in time, they are not wrong. But photography should capture more than just moments in time. Your photos should capture behavior. It should capture emotions. I always want my photos to be stories without words. My senior shoots capture the story of growth. My couples/engagement shoots capture the story of love. My weddings capture the story of a new chapter in love. So let's make some magic and tell your story.


Away from the camera...



I have been a dancer for 20 years and a dance teacher for 5 years! I teach ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz to ages 11-18! I was on my high school and college dance team. Dance is my first love, and I truly can't imagine my world without dance. 
If you're a dancer, PLEASE let me capture you! I promise I won't let you have sickled feet and bent knees ;)




At least once (more like 10 times) at our shoot, i'll talk about my dog! This is my daughter, Luna Grace! She's a 4 year old black lab beagle and is the love of my life!! I adopted her when i was 19 years old and she is truly my best friend.  
Please come to your shoot ready to show me photos of your pets too!



Even away from shooting, I still enjoy being in front of the camera! Since starting my business, I have taken a hobby in modeling and exploring how to push my photos to the next level.
I always say that the best way to learn how to pose someone, is to really understand how to model yourself!











I will receive your booking form in my inbox where I will email you about your session 24-48 hours after your inquiry. Over email, we will find a date and time to do your photoshoot. We will also take care of your down payment and contract for the photoshoot. 


On the day of our photoshoot, we have a blast together taking photos! I get to know you and capture all of the beauty! You pay the remainder of your balance on the day of your photoshoot. After the photoshoot is over, I will go home and put all of your photos on a hard drive so that they are safely saved until it is time to edit.


Once it is time to edit and your name is next on my list, I will dedicate my time in the office to editing all of your photos! My photo return rate is 2 weeks for every photoshoot (except 3-4 weeks for wedding photos). You will receive your photos via an online gallery (Pixieset) texted and emailed to you. This is when we cry and scream over how much you love your photos ;)


We share our photos with everyone! I do not do printing- so you are free to print your photos however you please with a print release from me.


"Mari is the loveliest human being you will ever meet. Her photography skills are amazing, of course, but so is her ability to make you feel like her most special client she’s ever had. She will make you feel so special and beautiful and you will leave feeling like you have a new best friend. She makes your session so unique all while giving you exactly what you want. And when your photos are ready, nobody is more excited about them than Mari. She works so hard to make them perfect and you will LOVE every single picture she sends you so much that you won’t be able to choose a favorite. She is both a fantastic photographer and person and there is nobody I recommend more than Mari."

Emily R

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