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I have always had an interest in photography. When I was younger, I was always the person at family gatherings that would be holding the camera the entire time. Little did I know that photography would become not only my passion, but my career. I started getting more into photography when I turned 16 years old. My dad bought me my first camera and I started to take photos of my friends for fun. After people started reaching out to me for photoshoots, I decided to start practicing portrait photography more and more. About 2 years after that, I decided to start my business!


The more I got into portrait photography, the more that I realized that I had an underlying photography passion. This being editorial fashion photography. Looking back on my childhood, I used to collect vogue magazines and obsess over the incredible photoshoots that were shown in the pages. After shooting for Kansas City Fashion Week in 2018 and falling in love with my photos, I realized that doing fashion editorial photography was my jam. Of course, I love my senior and couples sessions! But my favorite photoshoots to do are definitely my more creative ones. 


When people say that photography captures moments in time, they aren’t wrong. But photography should capture more than just moments in time. Your photos should capture emotions and tell stories. That is something that I always strive to do at every single photoshoot. At my senior photoshoots, we tell the story of your growth. At my couples photoshoots, we tell the story of your love. So on and so on- your photoshoot deserves a story. So let’s make some magic and tell your story.









Believe it or not, I am not always taking photos. When I don’t have a camera strapped to my arm, I am just Mari. 


For my fellow zodiac lovers- I am a Cancer sun, Libra rising, and Aquarius moon. I love Harry Potter (I have a deathly hallows tattoo on my arm). Hufflepuff gang for life. I am a dog mom to my two year old black lab beagle mix named Luna Grace. I adopted her when I was 19 and she is the love of my life! I am also a girlfriend! I have been dating my boyfriend McCain for three years. We are high school sweethearts and met in our senior year sociology class. If you book a couples session with me, you will hear lots about McCain. A recent hobby of mine is learning how to read Tarot and work with Crystals!


I am a classically trained dancer and have been dancing since I was three years old. I was a member of the UMKC Roos Dance Team and I now teach dance at the same studio where I learned how to dance. My favorite styles of dance are ballet and jazz. (Wanna do a dance photoshoot? I’m your girl.) I am also a full time college student at The University of Missouri Kansas City studying Health Science! I will graduate in the Fall of 2022. 


Just know that at MCP, you are supported. I am apart of the LGBTQ community myself! So if you are also in the community and am wanting to support a queer photographer, I am your girl!


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Fill out the contact form under the "Book Me" page so we can officially meet! I only take inquiries from my website to ensure the legitimacy of the inquiry. From there we can talk about your vision for your session and how we can bring it to life.

I will help curate your session from location, to outfits, to posing, EVERYTHING! Don't worry about not being a professional in front of the camera, that's my job to help make you look (and feel) like a million bucks.

After your session, I'll go home (extremely giddy) and edit your images. I will send you some sneak peaks, we freak out together, and then in a couple weeks, you have your entire session ready for you!

I'll send the photos over to you in an online gallery. After that we are  considered friends for life...sorry but you're stuck with me!